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                                   My Future

As I walk down this path of fate
Deciding where to go,
Not knowing what the future will hold
Trying to choose the right path in life

As I walk, yes, I fall,

But I don’t give up and I try another path
If you don’t try, and try again
You may never find the right path

As I walk,

Learning new skills and getting closer to the real life,
I finally know what to do,
I must stop listening to everyone else
And do what I want to do

As I walk,

I now know the right path,
I took the right one for me,
And now
My future is brighter than ever,
Life is good.

                           Dreams of the Future

Standing in the front of the class,
Young eyes watching, eager to learn.
Or sitting at a table filled with books I wrote,
Signing copies, meeting fans, smiling for cameras.
Or maybe it’ll be on a smaller scale,
Two young children curled up in my arms,
Listening to the works of Dr. Suess or Eric Carle,
Waiting for mommy to tuck them into bed.
Dream big or don’t dream at all,
Whatever happens, wherever the cards may fall.
I’ll be happy no matter where I land,
A teacher, a writer, a mother,
Or maybe even something unplanned.

                         My Prayer for TodaY

This is where it starts
This is where it begins.
All my hope and all my faith,
it lies here within.
Because when I lift my head,
and when I say your name,
I know Heaven shakes, just to hear me say-
"I need you Lord,
to make it through this day.
To lead me and guide me,
do not let me go astray.
This life I live,
I now give to You,
You are the master of my day,
The maker of my soul.
So here to you, My Jesus,
I offer up my heart,
to take my life and use it,
make my future start."