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                                   My Promise To You

I promise to always lift you up
When you are feeling down
I promise to wipe your tears
When you feel you need to cry
I promise to keep you smiling
To show off that beautiful smile you have
I promise to be your strength
Whenever you fall weak
I promise to be your voice,
When you can't find the words
I promise to be your eyes
When you cannot see
I promise to be your ears
When you cannot hear
I promise to always tell you what’s real
When you want to hear the truth
I promise to be your dream catcher
To chase away you’re every fear
I promise to be your smile
When you’re frowning
I promise to always cheer you up
When you are down and blue
I promise to give you faith
When you are feeling insecure
I promise to keep you sturdy
When you are feeling unsafe
I promise to listen
When you need to talk
I promise to tell you no lies
Just what is true
I promise to always lend you my shoulder
For when you need to cry
I promise to always hold you
When you need someone
I promise to always care for you
Wherever you are I promise to always be there
I promise to never hurt you and never break your heart
I can’t promise you the world
I can’t promise you the sky
I can’t promise you that we will never fight
I can’t promise you that I will never cry
But I can promise you that I will always be true to you
And baby I promise that I will always love you more than anything with all my heart, no matter what happens or what we go through, baby I'll love you until the end of time!
Ill be your guardian angel
That’s my promise to you!!





                                   My Love

Come with me my Love
Hold my hand very tight
Take a walk with me
Give me your love tonight

My heart is beating here

Racing for you so fast
You've made my life complete and
In my soul your loving glow is cast

You're in the moon and stars at night

There is sunshine in your eyes
Visions of you fill my head
And night and day I dream of only you.




                                               To My Husband

Over thirteen years of love
Of our intertwined life
Almost ten years of marriage
Of me being your wife.
As in every relationship
We’ve had our ups and downs
But we’re still standing together
We’re still holding our ground.
The day you came into my world
my life changed for the better.
You became my heart,
My lover and my treasure.
Many people never get
To know this kind of love,
Never have a person
That seems sent from up above.
I look forward to our future
As we grow old and gray
Living deep in our love
Until our dying day
I make this vow to you
The man who completes me
I will stay by your side
And love you till eternity