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                             Daddy Silent Daughter

It Hard to do even when I try
For we seem to have so little to say
You go your way & I go my way

But now I see there is so little time
For now thirty years have passed by
Yet still we barely just say “ Hi”  to one another
Am I a daughter when you wanting a son?
I do not know
For time is passing faster now
Yet still we cannot connect
It really hurts to even try
To think of it I begin to cry
Because I do not fully understand
Why it so hard to speak to you
As I sit & wonder about this thing
One simple question run around in my brain
Daddy, Why can’t I talk to you
Life is so short & you won’t always be there
I don’t just want the years to pass on
Until there is no hope for us
So tell me Daddy, what to say or do
To make it alright so I can talk to you
So remember Daddy



                                    Unbroken Silence

My Past is boxed up
And tossed in a corner,
Left to be forgotten about.

I want to runaway.
Forget my memories.
Leave you behind.

There'll be nothing at all
Left behind.
You don't even notice
I'm already gone.

I'm standing at the edge,
Now ready for the plunge.
I won't even waste a moment
Thinking this through.

My mind is made up,
And now I'm in too deep,
Not even fighting the wave's pull.

I'm gone and forgotten.

Isn't that what you wanted?





how can you be so far from me when next to me is where your meant to be
you regret so much and try to flee but a part of me you will always be.

you always stay but want to leave and like a dream all the progress falls away... when will the nightmare end ... you say there's nothing left to want that i tore apart your life and god knows if i could give up my life to give you a chance to do it again i would. I'm sorry for my birth and the years you had do spend on me a waste of time is all i was and in your eyes i continue to be. I want to fall away and not exist. i want to disappear and not be missed i want to go away and not come back..