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                                         What is this?

I look in the mirror
I don't like what I see
I want to break the person
Looking back at me

I throw a veil over the thing
But the image still burns in my brain
The girl in the picture
She just looks so slain

Her eyes droopy and skin pale
Looking so tired and fraile
The sadness emitting from her
Seems so unreal

                              Missing pieces

I throw you across the room,
You smash against the wall.
I’m filled with hate and anger,
I can’t explain at all.

The pieces lay there scattered,

Like the pieces of my heart.
I do not understand
Why I disliked my other half.

I sit there just staring,

Not knowing what to think or do.
So I walk over to the wreckage,
Of all the pieces of you.

I collect up the sharp pieces,

They’re lying upon my hand.
But some of them are missing,
I laugh, well isn’t that grand.

I glue you back together,

The pieces that I found.
I stare at her once more,
And see I’m always bound.

The glue sticks to my fingers,

Like blood upon my hands.
The breaking of a mirror,
Is bad luck I understand?

                if I don't love myself, how can you love me?

Don't try to understand me
When I don't even understand myself

Don't tell me that you love me

How could you when I don't love myself

You could'nt possibly know everything about me

When I no longer know myself

I'm lost but you won't find me

I'm broken, but can't be fixed,
I can't tell you how I'm feeling,
My emotions are too mixed

                                             Can You

Can you hear my silent screams?
Can you see my tears?
Would you care to listen
If I told you all my fears?

Can you believe whats unseen?

Can you feel my pain?
If you heard these voices too
Would you be the same?

Can you tell me what they mean?

Can you help me see?
Why do they make me suffer?
Why do they haunt me?

                                    The Pain

Being surrounded,
By who I call friends.
But having no one to talk to,
It's got to end.
The pain is killing me,
Right to my core.
I'ts burning a hole,
In my once vibrant heart.
Feeling so lonely,
But being so crowded.
With no one to talk to,
And feeling so bounded.
I wish this would end,
And I'd find a way.
To leave this place,
And fly away.
To break the chains,
To set myself free.
Away from the pain,
Away from me.