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creeping through hospital corridors
asking questions with eyes alone
not wanting to interfere
or probe


of torture, of pain...
of joy
a sinister scene before me
needles and tables and blood
and love
and something new
someone different; you

those eyes

the first thing I saw
meeting mine,
as though we'd known each other
you came,
I didn't expect
that connection
that bond,
that unspoken respect

as mother's belly grew

how was I to know, that you
would arrive
a 'bundle of joy'
... or just another toy


for us both; a common ground
then as though a switch was flicked




Children are gifts from God
To nuture and love
They're priceless little treasure
A gift from above

To love, teach, and guide 

To honor father and mother
For these are the fruits
Of our joy and labor

Look at their faces

and how can we not love
Such as these little ones-
Jesus loves from above

Teach them to pray

As Jesus taught us to do
Be an expression of his love
and they'll grow to love him to

Offer them courage

When it's hard to be brave
Pray for them, strengthen them
When you see they might stray

Comfort each when hurting

Listen when they speak
Wrap them in loving arms
When their little heart breaks

Children need love lesson

So be patient and kind
For these things are blessings
That bring peace of mind

Such are these little one's

God placed in our hand's
Watch over them, protect them
These things God planned

Understand their little troubles

When they feel alone
Love's the best foundation

                                       That creates, a happy home