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A picture I created of me and my hubbie pretending life on the titanic.


We talked on the Cb Radio 10 years ago, that's how we met and that was the day we fell in love, and stayed together ever since. We got married October 24th 1998 We had our first child 9 months before we got married here is our Eldest daughter Constan

Constance is now 10 years old,  enjoying Brownies Club She was my first child and I had an very emotional experience when she came in to our life.  She loves singing dancing playing on the Xbox. Most of all she likes holding our youngest daughter

Ethan our son, 2nd Youngest child in our family. He was born 2002,  He is 6 years old now hes crazy over football and he bugs me everyday for his favourite food pie and chips, but if he doesn't have what he wants once a week he is full of mischi


Then our 2nd youngest daughter arrived 28th september 2004 she is 3 years old now. Maygan is our 3rd child in our family. She is in a phase where she touches everything and is full of energy, she is doing great at toddler Nursery and comes home with

 Some more pictures of my family.

My Kids Family Portrait.

This is my dearest friend John, He takes a role as my Father and a Grandad to my Children.

Great Yarmouth at sea side. Daddy and Ethan.

Great Yarmouth at the sea side Constance.

On Holiday Constance with a pony.

Constance playing at the Local Fair.

Constance 5th Birthday Party.

Constance and Ethan.

Constance with Baby Maygan.

Halloween Costumes Connie, Ethan & Maygan.

Toddler Ethan playing with Bubble machine

Family Day Out Ethan on a Tractor.

Baby Ethan.

One of the Latest Pictures of Ethan.

Dad holding Baby Maygan

Maygan 1 hour after being born.

Maygan with Mommy. (doesn't she look cute)

This is my brother Bayley (a.k.a BLAZE Bayley).


Bayley & Debbie on there Wedding Day.

Bayley & John get Serious (lol).

My Hubby playing about at a local park.

Ethan & Connie Riding on the Merry-go-Round.

Merry-go-Round Madness.

Brother & Sister Love.

Having Fun on a day out at the Theme Park.


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